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Trick or Treat!
The Call of Cataclysm
by Matt R.
Publisher: Grand Scheme Publishing
Date Added: 10/22/2020 04:38:09
The Call of Cataclysm This is a cracking little adventure. If - like me - you've always liked the idea of the Archmage engine but were never quite sure how it would work in practice, then definitely check it out. Some great examples of how to use montages and collaborative world building. Really looking forward to the follow up adventures that are apparently in the pipeline.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Galactics Bounties Random Generator
by Arayana M.
Publisher: Doppelgänger Publishing
Date Added: 10/22/2020 03:19:56
Galactics Bounties Random Generator I bought this believing it was as described: system and fandom neutral. Instead I got Star Wars tables so spesific they're unusable for any other setting. It leaves me feeling cheated by the lack of honesty in the description.

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Filler spot colour - items: skull pillar - RPG Stock Art
by David P.
Publisher: Dean Spencer Art
Date Added: 10/21/2020 21:54:55
Filler spot colour - items: skull pillar - RPG Stock Art Ended up using this as the cover for my Permadeath supplement over on DMs Guild!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Sinking the Stercorarius, The Salty Funnel 0 Level Adventure
by Edward K.
Publisher: 2 Old Guys Games
Date Added: 10/21/2020 21:41:28
Sinking the Stercorarius, The Salty Funnel 0 Level Adventure Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Sinking the Stercorarius, The Salty Funnel 0 Level Adventure Originally posted at, a new idea every day! **Product**- Sinking the Stercorarius, The Salty Funnel 0 Level Adventure **System**- DCC RPG **Producer**- 2 Old Guys Games **Price**- $10.00 here
618 **TL; DR**- Another great funnel, but now at sea! 93% **Basics**- SOMETHING TOUCHED MY LEG! Your band of rag tag….honestly level zero losers has to survive a ship flooding but wait! There is a mysterious island on the horizon. What could be there? Time for another level zero funnel! No spoilers for the fun secrets of why the ship sank or what’s to be found on the island in this review. **Mechanics or Crunch**-I love the crunch of the DCC level zero. Lots of death whittles characters away until you get a character with its mettle tested. This adve...

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Bloodline: k'Heuraeth
by Zachery N.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 10/21/2020 21:08:14
Bloodline: k'Heuraeth I've never really played a Bloodline that interacts directly with the Shadowlands so this was an interesting read. It's short but provides enough information to get a feel for the Banshees while giving you enough freedom to come at them for a variety of angles. The concept seems like it would be fun to explore and I look forward to the chance to play a k'Heuraeth.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Plague Doctor: A New Class For 5E
by Alex T.
Publisher: Wandering Alchemist Games
Date Added: 10/21/2020 18:03:17
Plague Doctor: A New Class For 5E The class is neat idea but im confused on having a shortsword as a starting weapon despite not having martal weapon prof. there is some typos but nothing too annoying. Cool concecpt tho.

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SotM's Trick or Treat 2020 special
by DSC T. G. C. _.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 10/21/2020 16:16:16
SotM's Trick or Treat 2020 special Another Halloween trick from our friends at Secrets of the Masquerade. We look forward to next years trick or treat special.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Kiths of the Aztecs
by David B.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 10/21/2020 12:56:43
Kiths of the Aztecs I am sorry, but there's just not enough here to warrant it. While there are interesting ideas presented, this offers the very most barebones depictions of them. The only thing offered for each Kith is a brief blurb about them that does not go into depth at all about what they look like, what they believe, how they act, so on, and their Birthrights and Frailties; they come across more as monsters you might run into than Kiths. Their powers are also not at all balanced, with one losing one of its birthrights apparently forever if it breaks a certain taboo and another has an obscenely overpowered attack Birthright and another that uses an Ability that is not used in Changeling. What you have here is a base line of ideas, but you need to think about more. The first thing I look at when I make a Kith is "what were they born from?" Remember, most mythological creatures are born from an idea, usually some sort of allegory or explanation myth or fear or uncertainty about someth...

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Decuma: the R&D for your RPG
by Christos K.
Publisher: Golden Lasso Games
Date Added: 10/21/2020 12:08:26
Decuma: the R&D for your RPG Decuma has quickly become a mandatory staple before all games I run. I was lucky enough to be in the kickstarter for this, and also play and run a few games at a con. I feel like we all know session zero is important, and to have a way to make that fun and interesting has been a major win for me and my players. With thought provoking questions that can be taken in multiple ways, the game creates fantastic backstories and bind your world and players together. I honestly can’t recommend this enough! ...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Some Assembly Required
by Ben M.
Publisher: Wannabe Games
Date Added: 10/21/2020 11:45:46
Some Assembly Required This friggin' rules. All these games are easy and fun. Especially good for online parties, which is great for Things Being As They Are.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Through the Breach RPG - Penny Dreadful One Shot - A Night in Hallow
by A customer
Publisher: Wyrd Miniatures
Date Added: 10/21/2020 09:51:41
Through the Breach RPG - Penny Dreadful One Shot - A Night in Hallow Great one-shot for the Halloween season, alot of interesting events I wont spoil here. I like that wyrd has been using the special edition models in their RPGs and they have been giving them unique characteristics and rulesets.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Frustration to Freedom: 30 Days to Legendary Solo Roleplaying Adventures
by Courtney D.
Publisher: Cabbage Games
Date Added: 10/21/2020 02:51:21
Frustration to Freedom: 30 Days to Legendary Solo Roleplaying Adventures This "training course" consists of thirty lessons going through all the fundamentals of solo roleplaying, and most having an exercise to help you put the lesson to use. It assumes you have no prior experience and tries to explain everything clearly. If you're particularly busy and don't have much time to yourself, doing the lessons day-by-day is a blessing as MOST don't ask for too much time (the exception would be the one or two which ask you to research different game engines for yourself, no small feat!). The lessons I've found to be absolutely core to solo roleplaying. They may be completely eye-opening for those who have merely dabbled in solo rpg sessions. It asks you to explore what it is that YOU want from your sessions and helps you understand what tools are available. Finally, this encourages experimentation as well as mixing and matching one's tools in order to tailor their experiences for themselves. I highly recommend this for anyon...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Flames of Freedom: Quickstart – Powered by Zweihander RPG
by John D.
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Date Added: 10/20/2020 23:33:02
Flames of Freedom: Quickstart – Powered by Zweihander RPG This RPG combines two under represented gems - a non D&D low fantasy game and the founding of the United States. This game is not a historical simulation, which is fine because that is not the goal. The goal is to have fun playing an RPG with your friends. Historical simulations tend to make bad RPGs unless you're the kind of player who enjoys PC death during character creation as Susan lives to the ripe old age of "Died in Childbirth", or James who died of the pox at age 2. The system is the Zweihander base system (which is the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Game with the serial numbers filed off). It doesn't have any fantasy races, but the game system tries to make up for that by encouraging differing viewpoints - so your fantasy colonial period winds up looking a lot more like the modern US, ethnically speaking. As this is a Quickstart set, it has a sample adventure, with sample characters and the basic rules. Given that the product is free, I'd consi...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Gear Book: Battle Gloves
by Thilo G.
Publisher: Evil Robot Games
Date Added: 10/20/2020 22:09:24
Gear Book: Battle Gloves An review This little pdf clocks in at 4 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 2 pages of content, so let’s take a look! This review was moved up in my reviewing queue as a prioritized review at the request of my patreon supporters. This pdf fixes a very specific issue via equipment – this is its sole focus, and something to bear in mind. Armor Storm soldiers with Hammer Fist, and the glove is supposed to duplicate the effects of the item level of a heavy or powered armor. The core book is rather limited regarding its battle gloves, but it’s clear that you’re not supposed to have a paltry 1d4 punch in SFRPG, where the system very much requires the increase of weapon-damage. This book, thus, presents new battle gloves, based on the one-handed damage charts; these are analog or powered, light weapons sans critical effect, and the table-header properly classifies them as basic melee weapons. One battle glove for every level is provided. All of the des...

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Exalted: Map of Creation Poster
by Ronald G.
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Date Added: 10/20/2020 21:46:33
Exalted: Map of Creation Poster I wanted a high resolution map. I cannot even read the writing on the map when zoomed in (there are a couple of scrolls on the map). I personally was hoping that this would be of a high enough resolution that it could be printed as a 44x34 poster, but sadly it cannot. It is good enough for 11x17.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
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