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Quarantine Battlemap Bundle [BUNDLE] $1,072.68 $39.00
Publisher: Seafoot Games
by Mike S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/12/2020 09:57:24

I purchased this bundle because of the current world situation. As a result of the pandemic, my gaming group is now gaming online rather at our FLGS. Finding myself now running an online game, I found myself in need of virtual maps.

My initial reason for purchasing this bundle was the price. For the number of maps you get, compared to the price, the deal is too good to pass up.

In regards to the maps themselves:

The quality of the artwork is very good. The colors are nice, the lines are crisp. The images have good detail and stay clear even when zoomed in. The maps are offered with and without grids. There are also pdf versions. There are two levels of image quality: 300DPI and 72DPI. Important note: Roll20 (the online platform we chose) caps image size at 10mb. The 300DPI images are far too large for that. EX: The Primeval Forest map is 3.3mb at 72DPI and 41.7mb at 300DPI.

I should note that for online purposes, the 72DPI looks great. We used the primeval forest map last week and it worked very well.

As far as genre goes, most of these maps are solidly fantasy themed. However there is still a good bit of versatility for other genres. I used the primeval forest map in our Deadlands (Classic) game and plan on using a number of the others (bandit camps, forest roads, etc.)

So while I initially purchased for the price, I am very pleased with the quality of the maps and will be looking forward to future purchases.

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Quarantine Battlemap Bundle [BUNDLE]
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