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Delta Green: ARCHINT
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by david b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/03/2021 16:04:03

Purchased as a PDF (My first review ever so please be gentle)

This is a 34 page (Minus the decorated outer and inner covers) tome of occult and extra-terrestrial artefacts.

The book lives up to the High standard of publishing, research and writing that we associate with all Arc Dream Publishing products. 

Written and laid out in a clear and easy to follow and find format, each of the artefacts is given a detailed background within the world of Delta Green. Followed by its respective in-game effects and stats.

having said that, the written background and details of the objects are written in such a way that they are flexible in the sense that they can be changed to fit into a handler’s storyline with ease or are provided with several story hooks on how to include them.

The artefacts themselves are an eclectic and eccentric collection reflective of the mythos itself. They range from truly extraterrestrial items, to what could be deemed to be pure mythos to the simple empowered/touched/corrupted by the unnatural.

Representing different parts of the mythos as well as geographical and time periods, ranging from pre-Columbian Peru, colonial India’s northern frontier to 19th England.

If there was anything negative to say about the book, at only 34 pages and listing 11 artefacts 2 have already featured in other published scenarios, it’s a slim tome.

But that may be more of a personal and typical RPG’er moan always wanting more

Overall, the book achieves its goals to provide premade objects, but also a starting point to create your own.

I would recommend buying it.


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Delta Green: ARCHINT
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