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Delta Green: ARCHINT
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Chris D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/03/2021 01:21:15

Fantastic collection of artifacts to throw into a Delta Green game. Two from prior scenarios but the ones that aren't are lavishly detailed and deconstructed. There's some clever design in here like the Brixton Shard having very few SAN checks require for its use since... well... using it is going to require SAN checks from Violence anyway. The Gowdie Shape is probably my favorite with The Kurville Executable and blood of the feeder coming in second and third. ALL Of these artifacts practically scream to make ops around them or to be found wrapped in plastic in a green box. At least two have potential links to groups from other supplements, and one from a forthcoming supplement. There's also some clever visual design like each artifact having slightly different colored pages, only really noticable if you flip through the PDF. It's excellent across the board and varies from "That would be a clever way to involve this entity/group" to "Oh my god that would horrible if it got out and could easily be an op". You get detailed histories and some gorgeous artwork (The Gowdie Shape illustration might be my favorite piece in all of the art for the line so far). Very few of them scream immediate death trap in a way that your Agents wouldn't feel like they knew better. (Not even Blood of the Feeder which comes the closest.) The Brixton Shard in particular feels like the perfect thing to hand to a leader of a small-time cult or occult tinged criminal organization in order to make the final engagement with them much more engaging. Or just a random spree killer. Might throw some of these at my players when I get a chance.

If I had to have a singular nitpick it's such a hilariously minor one. Some of the artwork on the pages crosses pages, but others don't. That's pretty much it and I'm pretty sure there is a graphic design reason for it. That and MORE. There needs to be MORE.

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Delta Green: ARCHINT
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