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Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Martin D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/19/2021 08:10:44

I completed this adventure last night and overall I liked it a lot. The investigations leading up to a climactic social encounter was a fun change of pace from my group's more typical "sneak and shoot" style of play, and I like how the PCs' chosen goals for the final encounter significantly change who takes on what roles in the story.

When I ran it, one of the PCs had recently gotten a cyberarm so I had him personally experience the malfunction a couple of times as the hook into the adventure. The party ended up allying with the "good" option as soon as they had a good idea of what was going on, so I used the CEO's death and upcoming board meeting to put a time limit on what remained of their investigations. I felt that added a much-needed sense of tension to the proceedings -- otherwise they're largely free to move at their own pace through the story, and the CEO's death comes quite late in the adventure. (Appropos of nothing, the PCs rolled a massive success with Triumph and Despair on their final check at the board meeting, which is frankly the most fun result at the best possible moment. I like to think of Triumph + Despair as the "situation fundamentally changes" result.)

I had a couple of minor complaints. The aforementioned lack of time limits might work fine for some groups, but I think it leaves the investigation feeling a bit like the old criticism of D&D adventures where you have four orcs just frozen in place, waiting for the PCs to walk into their room. GMs might consider how to institute a couple of deadlines earlier in the adventure to keep the pressure on, depending on the PCs' reasons for investigating in the first place.

Second, the adventure suggests several interactions between the PCs and Damion, but never provides a clear way the PCs could become acquainted with him -- in fact, it seems to go out of its way to make sure he's a nonentity from the PCs' perspective, having him undercover at a remote location and not really coming up in the story except as "Oh yeah, he's the leader of this organization" until quite late in the adventure. I would advise GMs running this module to work in information that encourages the PCs to learn more about Damion as early as possible.

Still, these issues are small and easily worked around. This was a fun adventure that provided some great variety in my game, and I like how it presents the corporation as something other than a sinister monolith.

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Power Play: An Android Mini-Campaign
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