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Whitehack Third Edition $9.95
Publisher: WhitehackRPG
by Brett M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2021 10:06:10

I've been a huge fan of Whitehack for several years now and have been incessantly begging for an official PDF. I am so genuinely happy that this wonderful game can now become a part of gaming libraries around the world!

There are other reviews that explain the nature of Whitehack better than I could and probably aren't as biased. That said, I'll briefly try to explain why I'm so passionate about this game.

  • Mixing old school games with collaborative elements is hard to pull off. Whitehack does it beautifully.
  • Universal mechanics can often feel stale if executed poorly. Again, Whitehack triumphs.
  • So many old school games have the same pastiche fantasy tropes baked into the character options. Whitehack breaks this norm in a smart way.

It's amazing to me that Whitehack achieves all of the above while also innovating other brilliant mechanics like its Auction system (which helps simplify macro-level scenes like chases, large scale battles, etc). And it does all of this in so few pages.

The only feature that might turn some players off is that Whitehack doesn't have much in the way of art. I actually appreciate this design choice though because it furthers the notion that the fantasy world is for you and your players to build together.

Whitehack 3rd Edition is well worth your money. It's my go-to system of choice, and even if your goal is to make your own OSR hack, you will almost assuredly be inspired by the mechanics Whitehack has to offer.

Also, if you find yourself loving this game, I strongly encourage you to check out the desginer's other work; I recently purchased his fascinating sci-fi game called Suldokar's Wake and it's dense in the best of ways. Still crossing my fingers for PDFs of this game :)

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Whitehack Third Edition
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