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The Adventure Crafter Deck $4.95
Publisher: Word Mill
by Sean C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2020 11:32:11

These cards are based off the original book, but are far superior. The original book was a great tool, but one of the big problems was that it was too slow to use the table system. Great for prep, but horrible for on the fly building of stories. With the card system, it is a lot faster to make stories on the fly.

I strongly suggest that instead of using the small theme deck. Just to write out numbers and pick the themes you want. This way you can remove themes or even have double/triple themed adventures.


  • Quickly build stories and plot points
  • Easier to user than the book
  • Compact
  • Allows you to generate characters


  • Instructions do a bad job of explaining how to integrate with the Mythic Deck and basically tell you to read the book
  • You still need the PDF instructions to explain more details from the short event/plot description
  • The PDF instructions are missing many of the details the Adventure Crafter book has
  • Character generation is missing some details that can be found with GameMaster's Apprentice

Overall, this is a must buy for GMs and story writers. However, I am not sure you can understand this and how it works with the Mythic Deck without the Adventure Crafter book. I strongly suggest the author let you buy these cards and the Adventuer Craft book with a slight discount to the book.

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The Adventure Crafter Deck
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