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Skirmish at Khantze Lu Ge $2.95
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Benjamin R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/28/2020 08:23:42

Here's the headline - Trinity Continuum: Æon Storyguides; buy this, for the price you won't regret it.

Now for a bit more detail...I would say that this is easily the best introductory Æon scenario currently available for purchase. It does right what "Quantum Entaglements"# (the official quick start for Æon) gets wrong.

  • There are detailed suggestions on how to get characters involved (and why they would stay involved).
  • Before the adventure proper there are a series of introductory exercises that both teach the systems of the game but also fit with the rationale of the story. This is ideal for both new players and storyguides.
  • The adversaries and NPCs have clear goals and motivations, again something that is perfect for a starter adventure or kicking off a new campaign.
  • The story itself also manages to clearly portray key aspects of the setting without getting bogged down. At the end of the scenario players should have a keen idea what aberrants are, why they are a threat, what psions role is in defending and protecting humanity and also Earth's relationship with it's extra solar colonies and the part the jumpships play in that - a perfect grounding for lots of spin off stories.

Now the gripes....Unfortunately the scenario does play fast and loose with a few bits of "canon". For example the starship that the players serve on is described as an Orgotek Scarab but the illustartion looks nothing like a scraba as presented in other sources and, possibly worse, it doesn't match the ship as described in the main rule book e.g. it has too large a crew and passnger and doesn't carry figther complement. That's easily hand waved by saying that it's a larger class of Orgotek starship but it still an error. The other thing that grates a little is that the mission starts on "Thompson Spaceport" - a Luna location which doesn't exist in the setting. While it's easy to corrcet that to Mare Ingenii or Yutu Yinchon (two of the space ports that are officially on Luna) it's a silly detail that does not need to be there.

All in all I would recommend it but purists may want to tweak a few details to line up with published material.

For my in depth comments on Quantum Entanglements check out my review on the product page on Drivethrurpg

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for the thoughtful and in-depth review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

A couple quick points of clarification regarding the numbers with the ship: the normal compliment of fighters is replaced by the VARGs in the hangar, and the supplies and personnel being moved on the ship. The two fighters that are normally docked with the Scarab, are among the fighters that escort the frigate to the surface. These shifts in cargo and personnel should fall well within the capabilities laid out in the frigate's stats.

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Skirmish at Khantze Lu Ge
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