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Genesys Core Rulebook $19.95
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/07/2020 01:37:46

My generic system of choice right now.

Genesys is a narative focused rpg - which means the die rolls are about moveing the story forward in interesting ways. You're not just rolling to see if you pass or fail, but to see if anything else happens along the way. Dice rolls can succeed, but still generate negative consiqences and conversly they can fail and generate a positive outcome. It takes some getting used to but honestly it's amazing - and letting players suggest/decide what those additional outcomes might be allows for a more dynamic game and more invested players!

The downside is the dice. The syustem uses custom polyhedral die and you'll either need to buy 1-2 sets or buy the die rolling app (or if your desperate use regular die and 'convert' the results, but this is very clunky and not reccomended outside of emergencies). They are however the backbone of the game, they just represent a little extra up-front cost.

The book contains several settings starters, with bare bones explanations and rules - but Several full settings have been released by FFG. Terrinoth (dark Fantasy), Android (Cyberpunk style) and Keyforged can all be bought seperatly and added on. And with the foundry putting out great player-made content and settings there is a wealth of options availible for any game.

This is the sort of system that if it went off the market today, I could see me still playing in 10+ years time.

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Genesys Core Rulebook
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