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Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck $6.95
Publisher: Word Mill
by Ronnie F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2020 13:49:16

Production: This is a good product. I'm satisfied with the card and print quality. It's POD quality for sure, but it does the job as others have said.

Content: I'm a fan of the Mythic system. I love my solo RPG and tabletop game play, so Mythic was a welcome addition when I picked it up years ago. But taking that system and putting it into a deck of cards made me love it even more. I've used the deck for solo RPG and boardgame play. My favorite way to use the deck these days is for RPG game prep. I'll use it to come up with NPC personalities and plot hooks. It's a wonderful tool for all of that.

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Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck
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