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Vampire: The Masquerade – New Blood Starter Pack $7.50
Publisher: Modiphius
by Nathan T S. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2020 09:18:21

If you're an experienced storyteller, this is not an essential purchase. However, if you're new to V5 or storytelling in general, this is going to make the game much more accessable. Note: this kit isn't perfect. It's got some editing oversights, the story is rudimentary, and the spc's are pretty one-dimensional. However, it succeeds in putting a full session in your hands with very little preperation on the part of the players. This would be great for a four hour con event or as the start of a new chronicle to jump into with your pals. If you've ever felt intimidated by the World of Darkness and all the lore, this kit is effective at breaking down those barriers and getting you playing right away. This kit is worth $7.50, if you ask me.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Vampire: The Masquerade – New Blood Starter Pack
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