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Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Craig R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/19/2020 15:00:13

I used this to run combat yesterday in my Android campaign yesterday and found it to be an absolut must have from now on. I makes the system work better because it's so easy to keep track of everything for both GM and players. I can't thank you enough for creating this!

Why was it so good? PC and NPC slots are clearly displayed to all thus helping my players strategize about when each character should take a slot. Seeing that they had the last slot in the turn order and the first slot just helped them realize that a player that wanted to do something more complex could essentially go twice in a row.

Tracking Boost and Setback is so easy with these tabs. Just drop the appropriate tab on the next slot or on a specific character. It makes it very hard to forget things, which seems really important to the balance of the Genesys combat system. My players faced off against two Nemesis characters and it really felt like the tough fight it should be. Had I not had these tabs I'm certain I would have repeatedly forgotten about setback, stagger, immobilize, etc. I know I did back when I was running Star Wars EotE!

I work on a software product that is all about visualizing your information to make better decisions, and this tab set does exaclty that for pen and paper. I can really appreciate the power of visualization and the simple elegance with which it's been implemented here. I feel like you've thought of everything a GM will need during structured encounters and as such you've made combat in Genesys significantly better.

Thank you!

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Genesys Initiative Tabs
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