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Anthrochimerics $2.95
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Justin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/18/2019 20:57:22

More than just an expansion of species, this clever little volume provides an novel approach: animal abilities are added as Talents, not just special feats tied to a specific genus. I like this notion a lot. It means I can gain all the abilities which come from one species and then spend XP to gain other animal talents (pending GM's approval, of course). For example, let's say I make a ratling creature. In the species description, it has abilities which make it resilient to disease and good at foraging but nothing is said about a nasty bite. As my ratling gains experience, I decide to add a bite attack attained from a Talent linked to the lizardman, and now my ratling is more effective in combat. Page after page, this short work reveals aspects of flexibility and options which may be overlooked by those new to the Genesys system. A quick note regarding the layout and look of this book overall is certainly on point. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Dunn.

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