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Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Andrew C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/08/2019 15:18:06

MegaCity Magic does a good job of adding a bit of Shadowrun to Genesys in a simple and straightforward way. I found that the addition of advancements during character creation is a great way of integrating SoTB content into the fantasy races. It adds an extra layer of customization without being too complex and is definitely something I would like to see more of. The additional items, careers, adversaries, and talents are good examples of meshing Terrinoth content with SoTB in a nonintrusive manner. Some rules for magic users, with a main focus on shamans and the superhuman gifted, seem a bit weighed down by their ties to the existing magic schools of Genesys and it may be hard to determine which rules take precedence in certain situations. Overall, MegaCity Magic feels like a good starting point for anyone wishing to place fantasy elements into their cyberpunk games.

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MegaCity Magic
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