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Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition - Survivors Guide $15.00 $11.25
Publisher: Hunters Entertainment
by Nathan P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/23/2019 12:30:36

I purchased this book digitally as well as a hardcopy at GenCon. Not only is the game incredibly realistic and unforgiving but the layers of complexity actually add quite a bit to the experience. Its easy to get lost in the complexity of Survival mode but a starting group could focus their game on Weekend Warrior or Arcade Mode to make it easier to get started.

The layout of the book is easy to follow with a great glossary and index in the back for easy lookup in the hardcopy. The digital copy includes its own bookmarks for easy navigation. The quality of the book production is second to none and comparable if not better than some of the books from more "Famous" companies. In fact, the quality of the art, font syle and paper quality is the number one reason I purchased a physical copy at GenCon. As a bonus, the physical copy comes with a handy linen bookmark to hold your place in different parts of the book!

The authors are frequent contributors to the games Discord server so support for questions about the rules is always available and often answered within 24 hours - sometimes within minutes! There are live play examples on Youtube by Queuetimes called Nuclear Winter to help get a feel for the Narrative components of the game.

All in all, this is one of the best supported, detailed and thorough games I have ever purchased on DTRPG! I can't recommend it more! I would love to see support for Roll20 - one of the developers at GenCon mentioned they were close but had run into some hurdles. I am still hopeful that will change and its the only thing that would improve my already 5-star rating.

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Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition - Survivors Guide
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