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Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Tyler C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/03/2019 17:44:11

This little book of archetypes saved my bacon.

A while back my EotE game of two years fizzled and died. We were going to take a break from RPGs as a group and I didnt want my last session with them to be dismal. I found this pdf of archetypes and used it to run a space western one-shot for the crew.

It really spiced up the game. In spite of everyone being human gunslingers, the characters were varied in personality which was reflected mechanically. It was a combat heavy session and each character approached combat slightly differently. The skills and talents chosen fit thematically with the archetypes and really painted a picture of who the characters were. The players had a blast. They loved it. So much so that when I reconnected with them after a year they had to talk about that session and relive the highlights.

I rated this 5 stars because its a good quality poject that fits a niche. Im writing a review to say thanks for sharing your content.

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Expanded Archetypes
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