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Mythic Role Playing
Publisher: Word Mill
by Charles S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/18/2018 00:32:29

I bought this product years ago along with "Mythic Variations." I've read through it several times and it has some great advice for creative stories, running your game and keeping track of things whether you're using it as your game engine or just the GM Emulator part. Although I find the Mythic system intriguing I have never used it. I'm sure it would work perfectly well for running a game with. The main selling feature for me was the Game Master Emulator. I'm almost always the GM for the games I play, and the idea of being able to get a group together and join them as a player was very appealing. I've used it a few times with Mutants and Masterminds 3e and Savage Worlds and can say it works great. You need to know how your chosen gaming system works, and the GME does the rest of the work for you. I'd recommend Mythic for that alone! If you do want a generic system, you get that it's a great purchase for folks looking for one or both of those things.

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Mythic Role Playing
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