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Swords & Wizardry Light Pay What You Want
Publisher: Frog God Games
by Royce R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/21/2017 12:12:42

Did you or your kid get more fun out of the empty boxes than the gifts that came inside?

Are you consdered multi-classed because you work two jobs to keep up with the 100-lb sea anchor that is most rpg systems?

Take comfort beleaguered ones, the cavalry has arrived.

Swords and Wizardry Lightl is everything you need for a complete fantasy rpg experience for levels 1-3. Everything, everything, EVERYTHING is on two two-sided notebook sized pages: the four iconic classes with starting kits and spells, weapons, treasure, appropriate foes, and combat rules. Everything works on the roll of a d6 or a d20, so no more sounding like a junk wagon toting all those dice to the table.

Giving SWL as a gift and you don't want to seem cheap? Get the Character cards (beautiful artwork with a player's guide on one side and a character sheet on the other) and the Tome of Horrors Light Volume 1 for whatever you paid for SWL. Want more on-the-fly fantasy goodness? SW Continual Light, going all the way to Level 7, should be out at any time. Want to see the Light shined on other genres? Light City, for Supers, is currently in development and I imagine someone somewhere is working to shine the Light so we can seek out new life and new civilizations in a galaxy far, far away.

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Swords & Wizardry Light
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