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Troubadors & Tenders of the Grove, Pugilists & Pact Makers $5.95
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Troubadors & Tenders of the Grove, Pugilists & Pact Makers
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Troubadors & Tenders of the Grove, Pugilists & Pact Makers
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Alain G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/16/2021 13:58:36

This product is good, but it misses just a few marks to become great. My main concern is that the wording could be much improved to better match 5e conventions. Most of these ideas are interesting and fit really well in the Scarred Lands (a druid that can summon a herd of street cats, yes!) but an editing pass is much needed. Balance is also sometimes questionable as well. As for the previous book by the same authors, the layout switches back and forth between one and two columns, which feels rather odd.

Some common editing mistakes I found are :

  • use of "CON", "CHA", etc instead of "Constitution", "Charisma", etc; HP instead of hit points, etc
  • lot of words starting with Capital letters when they shouldn't (Advantage, Disadvantage, Attack of Opportunity),
  • words sometimes missing in a sentence,
  • some features not mentioning at which level they are gained,
  • spell names not in italic
  • some effects missing (notably, the base effect of the defensive state for the Call of the Stray)
  • inconsistent interline (makes reading really awkward, I know that you want everything to fit on a single page but still...)
  • the DC for the Pounce ability is not 5e-like
  • some effects don't specify what type of actions are required to activate them
  • some translation issues ? "reflexive action" instead of "reaction"
  • some abilities using "time per day" instead of using a long rest mechanics
  • some copy-paste errors ("mother of dragons" instead of "the Null")
  • use of "the player" instead of "you"
  • use of "Reflex" saving throw from 3.X era
  • a list of spells would have been useful

By the way, the defensive state for the Call of the Stray effect is perhaps the most overpowered (it can grant a +12 bonus to AC, which is way tooooo much) and I would definitively nerf it at my table. (That's not the only balance issue I found tbh)

Also, it is not clear whether the Forgotten Necrotic King refer to Ahrmuzda Airat (which should be known by any historian familiar with Hollowfaut history) or if the authors imply another entity?

Again, there are lot of good and great ideas in this book, and it would be a 5-star product for me if it were a bit more polished.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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