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Sun & Steel Fantasy Adventure Roleplaying Game
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Sun & Steel Fantasy Adventure Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Lazaro Izaguirre
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/19/2021 19:38:53

During the last few days I have soloed my way through Spiders! Ew! a fun D&D 5TH Edition third level sewer adventure (for several players and one game master). It was written by DM Dave. I used TRICUBE TALES: SOLO RULES as the solo engine (50 cents at DriveThruRPG). The RPG system I used was Sun & Steel, a rules-lite fantasy roleplaying Game (also at DriveThru). I did this with five first level cleric characters.

Day 1 - The first combat encounter started when the cleric in the front triggered a trap in a tomb. His armor saved him from damage, but a sound was triggered to the temple above. Several acolytes and a priest (temple of death) came down to punish my team. Not a problem, more bodies for the tomb. Two rooms later, my team found the bones of several children and one ghost child. They talked to the ghost, loaded up the bones, and started to make their way out of the sewers. They had to kill several venom crawler hatchlings before they could get out of there. They spent the night in a rented room in the tavern, but their sleep was interrupted by combat with four fighters hired by the temple of death. They were able to sleep after that disturbance and in the morning, Mandolin discovered that she now had a new pet ( see the attached image).

Day 2 – Next, they went to go learn the burial ceremony. That night they performed it at the funeral which was at the community graveyard (for the boy who could now rest in peace).

Day 3 – This put them back in the sewers where they fought more hatchlings and a fully grown venom crawler. They rescued one captive who was all webbed up. He had been screaming. After finding some treasure they had another run in with fighters hired by the temple of death. -Sigh-. They left the sewers, sold the stuff they found, and quickly got out of town.

Review – This RPG system (Sun & Steel) is 28 pages long. It uses a 2d10 dice system. Characters have eight ability scores. Five spells are listed (an example). There is no list of creatures/monsters. I can see how this system would work well in a sci fi setting. In my opinion, I believe the RPG rules for opposed actions/combat are messed up (Sun & Steel). I used the D&D fifth edition opposed action logic (skill) to fix this problem. I belive a detailed combat example added to the rules would solve this problem. Give this RPG a try!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Hello Bob V.G. Based on your feedback I've added an example of play and some example spells and creatures. Thank you for the feedback and review.
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