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Hope Prep School Freshman Handbook - Genesys Edition $4.99
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Hope Prep School Freshman Handbook - Genesys Edition
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Hope Prep School Freshman Handbook - Genesys Edition
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Noah M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/23/2019 19:52:29

I would like to preface my review by saying; I loved this setting, but hate the mechanics. The actual setting that is described within this PDF is really good. A lot of time, energy, and care went into creating all the lore within this book. The fact that each teacher was given a syllabus for their class room was amazing. I really enjoyed reading about how the different sports teams work, and it was very easy to read. The author made a great decision by designing this as a student's handbook; it sucked me in immediately. The notes and comments from other students were also really well done. I am currently planning to run my next super hero game using this setting, but it won't be with Genesys. I'm going to be using it with a different system.

Almost all of the mechanics section of this book was done either very lazily or just very poorly. It really feels like the author took a great setting and just bolted on Genesys as an after-thought. This book adds 0 new archetypes, it just tells the reader to Use any balanced Archetype from the Genesys Core Rulebook or from other sources." This really struck a negative chord with me and sets the tone for the rest of the mechanics section. The new skills are poorly explained and very unbalanced. There are way too many knowledge skills and the Power skill is not well balanced. All super powers using the same skill is extremely broken and all supers end up looking very similar. It's the reason that base Genesys breaks up the combat skills. The way the magic skills (Arcana, Divine, & Primal) are handled in this book are also extremely confusion and feel tacked on, especially because implements are removed and are really important for the way magic works.

The only things I like from the mechanics sections are how the super powers are constructed and how Cliques replace Careers. Using the magic system to build super powers and tying it to a talent works great. I really liked the idea of Cliques and that changing from one Clique to another could actually change your career skills. This really sparked my imagination and thought it was very creative. I just wish the rest of the mechanics were as good and interesting.

In summery; This is a great setting and I will be running it. Unfortunately I won't be using any of the Genesys mechanics presented in this book. The Genesys mechanics feel like they were added with the absolute barest minimum of effort possible. The only reason I'm not rating this lower is because I loved the setting so much. It feels like this was made for a different system and the Genesys logo was added to reprint it and make some extra cash with little effort.

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