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Lasers and Liches Test Wave 1
Publisher: Lasers & Liches
by Jacob L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/22/2019 19:52:59

Yo, what's up dudes of all kinds, are you ready to get radical?!? Good, cause im taking a look at this thing and... well a few thoughts.

The aesthetic. This is absolute brilliancy, so pat yourselves on the back for that one, you've earned it.

The content. There's a not insignificant amount here, but that's not always a good thing (but it very often can be).

The balance and mechanics. OH boy here we go.

So i'm gonna write a more thourough review later as I know there's a second test wave coming soon and Why waste everyones time 2019. I'll be talking more about more egregious things, and just give more general thoughts. Sidenote, Maybe run this by the lads over at the UnearthedArcana sub, they've got some really good pointers.


Wonari. That bite attack is.. bad. It's not even a ribbon, it's just completely pointless.

Winter Wonari: You get a charisma boost but your lazer vision increaeses damage output? wha... also the ability is a lil busted, maybe just make it so they get true strike? Moon Wonari: That laser attack is... again, it might be better as a cantrip you can cast at will. Or use the dragonborn breath weapon as a template. Gia Wonari: This is actually good, although i do question how blinding someone and feasting on corpses relates. Is there a reference i'm not getting?

Cereans AW YEAH BAY BEE, WE JURASSIC PARK NOW. OK SO, yeah adv on save against paralyzation AND grapple is uh, completely busted. I'd maybe just use the powerful build?

Tri-Cerean: Uh, yeah no bonus action attack for free? That goes so far beyond busted we've gone back to the days of 3.5. As for the spirit weapon, Uh, why? Sti-Cerean: The not your time ability is... ok, if a bit underpowered. Let's look at the other trait OH SWEET MERCIFUL TUNA ON RYE WHAT IS THAT. +1 ac is fine. +1 to attack and damage? No. 1000000000000x no. Dragonborn! Ok I actually really like these, although I have to ask the reason for the, not using a table for the breath weapons? ALso, drop the blind effect from the xenon dragonborn. And i'd just have the tesla dragonborn be a cone of lightning with a dex save.


HOLO KINGHT. All classes have proficiency in a few weapons. Even a Wizard can swing a staff. yeah te is literally no reason for me to not pick leather armor. it should't even be a choice. Also, waht the hecc is that spell progression. you have half casters and full casters. Also half casters don't get cantrips. (they're called class features not skills). Ok, so, This honestly should just be an artificer subclass. Same thing for the synthweaver, it's just a worse version of the bard. ALSO NO, dexterity is not a spellcasting stat.

DE-FRAGGER. Again, why would I play this over a paladin. It would make an amazing paladin subclass. Also the extra arms adds an extreme level of complexity for little gain. Also, cast from hit points doesn't really work in 5e, the blood hunter is really the only lass that's even remotely managed to pull it off, and the actual balance is somewhat dubious (hit points equal to your character level? Not blood hunter?)

GOREANGYR. OK, THIS is a class that actually deserves to be it's own class. It can't really be an artificer subclass if the golem is kept in any way. That said... Look, if you're gonna force someone to take a skill, give them that skill as a class feature. That also being said... this is an extremely complicated request, yes being a power ranger is awsome, but this class would need a ton of iteration to start, and having it be a part of L&L just enhances the inherent problems with the class.

The only reason I haven't given this a 1 star is because there's a new version coming out soon. There are some wonderful ideas in here, but they feel unrefined. Yes, this is a test wave, but it feels like a first draft. But, again there are some amazing ideas in here, and I desperately hope this succeeds. The authors are some truely excellent people, and i wish them nothing but the best. And i hope nothing more than for them to prove me the biggest fool and blow me away with an amazing supplement for one of the best games ever made.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
Lasers and Liches Test Wave 1
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Esper Genesis 5E Sci-fi - Core Manual
Publisher: Alligator Alley Entertainment
by Jacob L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/21/2018 12:57:46

Alright, let's get all the nasty (and few) objective issues out of the way so we can get on to the Good Stuff (TM). Sidenote, how many of the developers played 3.5/PF? Asking for a friend.

  • Cerebral Ashenforged are pretty damn strong, but so are hill dwarfs.
  • The Belare information doesn't really go into a lot of detail about HOW exactly the enviromental suits work. While it prbably won't come up in game, it would be nice to have a small block such as "Inside Your Suit!"
  • The Lunar Eldori's "Draw From the Wheel" ability doesn't specify a duration. Is it supposed to be "The NEXT d20 roll you make"?
  • The Adepts Talent Point scaling is off, shouldn't it be the same as the Melder?
  • Also, the Adept and a few others get bonus spells based on thier choice of subclass, but it doesn't specify if those spells are automatically gained like the cleric, or must be chosen like the warlock. I'm assuming the former but it'd be nice to know for sure.
  • Unless there's been some serious rebalancing of spells, the Cybermancer should be proficient in Intelligence and Constitution saves?, not Intelligence and Charisma saves. Or, 1 good and 1 bad save instead of 2 bad saves.
  • Opposite for the engineer, Wisdom AND Constitution saves are way to powerful, Wisdom and Charisma instead?
  • Also the maximum talent rank and talent points colums are different for the adept and melder (they've swappped places).
  • Sentinal is a better paladin, and the paladin was already one of the top tier classes. Not by much, but if I were allowing both EG and base PHB i'd not allow the sentinal. But that's just me.
  • And the Specialist and Warrior are the Rogue and Fighter respectivly (this isn't actually an issue, but I do want to point it out for reasons).

Ok so, I like this alot. Like, i'm a huge fan of space opera, and this scratches that itch. In a different way than starfinder, which is good. Right so, this is more of a thing for the buyer: The Cybermancer, Engineer, Hunter, Sentinel, Specialist and Warrior are the Warlock, Cleric, Revised Ranger, Paladin, Rogue and Fighter in essence, but heavily reflavored. And when I say reflavored, I mean it. However, the subclasses (At least from what i've seen) are not, and most are entirely new (excpet for the Hunter, but it's the revised ranger) or have had new stuff added/cobbled together from already existing subclasses. What this means is that even if you're not gonna be running a space campaign, the content from this book is still usable, which is awesome. Just replace all the space tech stuff with regular magitech and you're good to go. The Esper stuff can just be used as psionics (which actually melds quite nicely with what psionics is probably gonna be in 5e if you've been watching HFH). Space Ship Combat is easily repurposed as Sailing Boat Combat (Just reduce the size of everything because no they're not that big), and the backgrounds would easily fit onto a high magitech enviroment such as Eberron or Kaledesh. In fact, if you wanted to play a Kaledesh-esque campaign, get this.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Esper Genesis 5E Sci-fi -  Core Manual
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