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Village to Pillage: Hamlets & Outskirts $4.99
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Village to Pillage: Hamlets & Outskirts
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Village to Pillage: Hamlets & Outskirts
Publisher: Gabriel Pickard
by Stephen G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/25/2020 16:32:32

I bought this map tile pack for use in my roll20-based D&D game. The creator includes tons of content, including large village tiles and also the smaller files of building interiors (furnished and unfurnished) and their roofs, and even trees and fields. These allow you to create your own rural settings and encounters. I especially liked the fact that the author includes the roofs for each building on a tile, so you can use the map with that includes the building interiors, but conceal the insides until the players enter the building.

The author has a pretty extensive collection of map tile sets-do I take the campaign into the sewers under the city? Into the twisted forest? Into the ruins of a long-forgotten city? My decision as DM will almost certainly be inspired by one of Gabriel’s great tile sets.

Highly recommended!

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