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Mythic Role Playing
Publisher: Word Mill
by Zack P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/18/2018 13:16:27

This is the review you're looking for down here.

Okay, so. If you're primarily interested in the GM emulation rules, but you're looking at this and thinking to yourself 'hmm, well, why not just get the full rules for the like 2 more dollars it costs?' then I strongly suggest you STOP and go buy the standalone GM emulation rules. I own both, and I purchased the GM emulation PDF second, despite the fact that this book contains all the information in that book, and to be honest, I somewhat wish I had purchased that first.

The issue is in presentation.

I'm going to state right now that there is nothing wrong with the Mythic RPG rules. It is a perfectly servicable (if not particularly interesting) low-crunch generic system. It looks like it works. I can't particularly think of any specific type of game I'd choose it over a more specialized system for, though. I suppose it might work for a simple generic system in the case of wanting to run something I already knew and didn't want to learn a new system for. I'd need to get my group familiar with Mythic RPG first, but after that I suppose it could serve well for something like that.

The issue I have is that I was more interested in the GMless rules which are the major selling point of the system. In the way the book is written, the rules you would need to know to use Mythic's GMless rules to run it with another game's ruleset (another selling point) are spread throughout the book and intermixed with the Mythic RPG rules. Reading this book and trying to determine which rules you would need to keep and which to discard in order to run this with, say, 5E D&D, becomes a bit of a chore.

I suppose it might be easier to do if I played Mythic first, but I've got a current D&D game going that I was wanting to try running this a bit with which I don't want to halt to play a few sessions of Mythic first, and I DEFINITELY don't want to try to convert D&D over to the Mythic system. Both my and my players' free time is limited and it's hard enough for us to get together on a weekly basis, wasting time goofing around with a new system is simply not really what I had in mind.

If you're wondering if there's anything else in the book that could be interesting (say, a unique setting, or anything that could be interesting for use standalone from the RPG rules) there kind of isn't. It's just the game rules, there is a bit of artwork interspersed in the pages that gives the impression this is more of a fantasy system, but it really is generic in the functional term of that word- it could be used for any sort of game whatsoever, and doesn't have any rules that are specifically built towards being a particular genre. I suppose that could be considered a feature but there can be such a thing as being TOO universal. The main RPG rules simply don't seem to have much flavor at all in my opinion.

I suppose if you're looking specifically for a DMless generic rules-light system and not interested (at least not immediately) in pulling out the GMless rules and using them with another system, this might be the version for you. If you're more likely to want to do that than to drop whatever you're currently running and playing Mythic as a complete package, though, I'd suggest grabbing the GMless rules package instead.

PS: I sort of wish there wasn't a requirement to rate it out of five stars on DriveThruRPG in order to review it. I think this system looks well done and my problems with it mostly have to do with it not being super easy to pull apart, when the description made me believe otherwise. There is another version of this that is already pulled apart, and if you want it pulled apart, you want that one instead. That's all I'm trying to say.

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Mythic Role Playing
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