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Horrible Halloween - 41 Battlemaps for Scary Adventures [BUNDLE]

Horrible Halloween - 41 Battlemaps for Scary Adventures [BUNDLE]


41 Horror Themed D&D Battlemaps for $8.75

Save time preparing for your harrowing D&D campaign with this Horrible Halloween battlemap bundle. It has 41 unique maps, making your next session scarier because of the dark visuals. Breathe life into your players haunted surrounds as you pit them against terrifying encounters, and watch as their discomfort increases.

Not to mention, you’ll be ready for almost all unexpected choices they make—whether they decide to kill the undead or side with the army of the Litch King!

Play in minutes after downloading these files. They’re already formatted for VTTs like Roll20 or Foundry, as well as easy one-click home printing. All you need is your story, monster stats, some dimmed lights and creepy sound effects…



Is the bundle suitable for VTTs like Roll20?

Yes! The bundle works with any VTT site or system that allows the upload of .JPEGs. We personally recommend buying Foundry VTT as one of the best applications.

What file types do the maps come as?

Each battlemap is downloaded as a few different file types. This includes a 72dpi .JPEG file for VTTs, a 300dpi .JPEG for poster printing (such as A1 or A0), and a .PDF document for home printing. The latter document has a few extra pages at the front with printing instructions, to make the process extra-easy.

Do the maps come with a grid?

Each included map in the Horrible Halloween battlemap bundle has two files that are gridded and suited for printing, but the additional VTT maps are not gridded (this is because online apps will add their own grid).


Maps Included in the Horrible Halloween Bundle

30x20 Battlemap - Blood Moon Ritual Site
Regular price: $1.48
Blood Moon Ritual Site The dreary forested woodlands gives way to a large ravine where bloody waters meet after rush down the rocky cliff side meeting a muddy bank full of bones. Thick vine...
30x20 Battlemap - Dismal Lair
Regular price: $1.48
Dismal Lair The rocks in this area have been carved away overtime by the streams which run through the mountains leaving stony chasms, dreary dying trees and fetid plants covering the groun...
30x20 Battlemap - Lair of the Deep Dweller
Regular price: $1.48
Lair of the Deep Dweller A tight tunnel leads you into the depths of the mountain. Rocky chambers have formed and continue deeper via small corridors and slippery steps. Loose rocky gra...
30x20 Battlemap - Ravenswood Toll Station
Regular price: $1.48
Ravenswood Toll Station The boggy stream slowly meanders through this forest, the skeletons of those whom didn’t make it creating it’s riverbed. You pass dreary trees and ferns and c...
30x20 Battlemap - Temple Boneyard
Regular price: $1.48
Temple Boneyard Carved into the mountainside, the ruins of this large temple lie broken and overrun by the return of nature. The main chambers roof has partially collapsed in places allowing...
30x20 Battlemap - Warlock’s Reliquary
Regular price: $1.48
Warlock’s Reliquary A shadowy path takes you out of the village and to this old dome shaped mausoleum which sits above the muddy waters of the swamp. The dreary forest has encircled th...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Adventurers Abandoned Manor
Regular price: $4.50
Adventurers Abandoned Manor Twin staircases lead into a small foyer, In front of you lies another staircase to the upper floor and to the right a hallway. The feasting hall holds lies bare b...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Lair of Old One Eye
Regular price: $4.48
Lair of Old One Eye The dreary forest lands give way briefly to a rocky chasm crossing where a set of stairs have been carved into the ground by natural forces leading down into the gloom b...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Mad Professor’s Hideout
Regular price: $2.98
Mad Professor’s Hideout Carved deep into the city’s cliff lies a workshop, its walls so thick few sounds can escape. Blood stains its floors and cells littered with soiled straw wait,...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Remains of the Lightbringer
Regular price: $2.98
Remains of the Lightbringer The Lightbringer was the fastest ship in the fleet, and had been crafted to resemble an angelic form but the ship has seen better days. Dashed up against the rock...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Ruins of Blackthorn
Regular price: $4.48
Ruins of Blackthorn This town has seen better days. Most of the buildings have began to crumble, walls and roofs falling in. Moss and weeds have also overgrown the cobblestone paths and star...
40x30 Battlemap - Ravenswood Ravine
Regular price: $2.98
Ravenswood Ravine Winding ravines have been carved away over the eons by tricking rivulets which funnel into the depths. Debris and muddy grounds have coalesced here with the broken bon...
40x30 Battlemap - Ravenwood’s Crypt
Regular price: $2.98
Ravenwood’s Crypt An old stone bridge lead over a slowly meandering creek of pungent smelling water and to the gates of the crypts. Large iron bound gates mark the catacombs entrance a...
60x20 Battlemap - Pharaoh’s Tomb
Regular price: $2.98
Pharaoh’s Tomb The chamber extends further than you can see with your petty torch. Before you are two sets of staircases on either side of a broken bridge leading down into a pit full of s...
30x20 Battlemap - Flooded Undercity Arena
Regular price: $1.48
Flooded Undercity Arena Heavy stone pedestals mark the outskirts of the arena, angelic statues standing upon them grasping chains or holding swords. Many stone pillars hold up the cavernous...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Ruins of Cliffton Castle
Regular price: $2.98
Ruins of Cliffton Castle An old wooden bridge leads you across a chasm to the walls of the castle, large pillars hold up a grand round dome above. The lower portion of a towers floor has fal...
Seafoot Games - Bloody Sacrificial Shrine | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Bloody Sacrificial Shrine A river flows below the cliffs from an underground passage and past the site of a sacrificial altar, which is watched over by three stone guardians. The jungle is al...
Seafoot Games - Broken Seal of Ravenswood | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Broken Seal of Ravenswood The ancient seal built eons ago that once stood perched upon the crumbling cliffs lies broken and an ancient evil has been released. The massive rusty chains that st...
Seafoot Games - Crypt of the Rune King | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Crypt of the Rune King A rocky cavern leads you down toward an ancient altar, the air smells of the dust of ages and two large statues loom above you. A ledger containing strange ciphers is s...
Seafoot Games - Cultists Rural Cottage | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.99
Cultists Rural Cottage This quaint cottage sits within the gloom of the dense forest, sunlight briefly shining between the trees branches, engulfing it in radiant rays. A small fire crackles ...
Seafoot Games - Devils Hold Prison | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Devils Hold Prison Towering above the bubbling magma this large stone structure houses the very worst this plane has to offer. A wide stone staircase leads up to it’s magically engraved iro...
Seafoot Games - Graveyard of Bones | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Graveyard of Bones This burial site has long since been abandoned, covered in bones and foul moss, even the trees weep as their gnarled bark forms abstract faces, filled with horror and malic...
Seafoot Games - Haunted Lighthouse | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.50
Haunted Lighthouse A single tower stands alone on a steep and rocky island. It is a harsh environment, where in winter the ocean freezes over completely, and in summer the ice melts;...
Seafoot Games - Heart of Ravenswood | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Heart of Ravenswood Deep within Ravenswood the land becomes jagged and broken, dying ferns cover the ground, black drops of water dripping slowly off their slimy leaves from the rains the nig...
Seafoot Games - Lair of the Black Council | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.99
Lair of the Black Council Ancient stone mausoleums lie crumbling at the top of the embankment surrounded by twisted trees and brambles. The small bones of woodland creatures or perhaps… oth...
Seafoot Games - Lair of the Ravenous | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.48
Lair of the Ravenous The stench of fetid waters wafts down the constricting tunnels, mud caking your feet as you step over the pieces of broken stone that cover the floors. A circular chamber...
Seafoot Games - Mausoleum of the Black Death | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Mausoleum of the Black Death After the dam broke, the lower forest and plains become flooded, slowly turning into swampy marshes, filled with ravenous creatures. Many fled, aban...
Seafoot Games - Mausoleum of the Restless | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.99
Mausoleum of the Restless Snow glistens over frozen earth, nesting in dug-up graves. Wet ash sits in forgotten braziers, and the entrance to the mausoleum is barred shut by reinforced d...
Seafoot Games - Pools of Decay | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $0.00
Pools of Decay Hi, I've made the Pools of rebirth and the Pools of decay free for as long as we're in quarantine, so please enjoy it and stay safe! Let your players cleanse the decaying pools...
Seafoot Games - Ravenswood Seal | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Ravenswood Seal An ancient seal built eons ago sits perched upon the crumbling cliffs that extend above the rivers far below, while massive rusty chains stretch across the chasms, intersectin...
Seafoot Games - Ravenswood’s Hangman Tree | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.48
Ravenswood’s Hangman Tree A clearing in the forest gives sight to the ruins of an old temple where looming statues stand upon great stone pillars, weapons in hand, a somber look upon their ...
Seafoot Games - Ravenwood’s Haunted Mill | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.99
Ravenwood’s Haunted Mill Stone bridges leads over the muddy waterways where the river used to flow and to the old mill, which itself used to lie but a few hundreds meters outside of the vil...
Seafoot Games - Ruined Tower of Ravenswood | 40x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.98
Ruined Tower of Ravenswood The ruins of a once great tower sit central within the small muddy ponds, it’s walls have been broken and rumble covers the ground around it but it seems like som...
Seafoot Games - Ruins of Ravenswood Keep Stormy Night | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Ruins of Ravenswood Keep Stormy Night The night is dark and the heavy rain makes it hard finding your way up the gravel path which winds it’s way around the cliffs before finally coming to ...
Seafoot Games - Shrine of the Sanguine | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Shrine of the Sanguine A gravel path leads you out of the hamlet of Osengard and into the forest, where after some minutes travel you arrive at a grand entrance way to the shrine you had hear...
Seafoot Games - The Dark Prince's Temple | 40x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.99
The Dark Prince's Temple Passing through the weary and gnarled woodlands, you finally arrive at the temple you have sought, bones and ghastly remains litter the forest floor, increasing in vo...
Seafoot Games - Titan’s Bloodmoon | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Titan’s Bloodmoon A red moon hangs in the sky bathing this dank swamp resting place of a titan in a bloody aura. You can hear the trickling of nearby water and frogs croaking in the distanc...
Seafoot Games - Tomb of the Dragon Lord | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.99
Tomb of the Dragon Lord This ancient crumbling tomb was created by the giants of old, a gift to the mortal men that lost their lives fighting in the war of the stone, over a hundreds of years...
Seafoot Games - Undercity Sewer Tavern | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.48
Undercity Sewer Tavern Bridges of stone and wood cover most areas of the sewers, giving access to vast gathering areas, black markets and ancient crypts. The cobblestone streets are covered i...
Seafoot Games - Undercity Sewers | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Undercity Sewers The foul stench of sewage is almost overwhelming down here, stinging both your nostrils and your eyes and the incessant drip, drip, drip of water passing through drains befor...
Seafoot Games - Vampires Nest | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.99
Vampires Nest In the depths of the cities sewers lies an ancient temple of a forgotten god. Great stone doors greet you at the entrance, leading you deeper into the foreboding chambe...

Total value: $87.55
Special bundle price: $8.75
Savings of: $78.80 (90%)

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Customer avatar
Scott K May 30, 2021 1:01 pm UTC
Is there any possibility of getting the pdf version of the maps in ungridded format? Was planning to get some of these printed at the local shop but the prices are so high I'm gonna have to print them at home, but the grids are no good for tabletop miniatures games. If the pdf is only available as gridded I think I have just wasted money on this since there don't appear to be any layers on the pdf. Should have checked the printing costs before I purchased these I suppose (but they looked so damn nice LOL).......... Cheers in advance for any help you can offer.
Customer avatar
Andrew B October 16, 2020 10:21 pm UTC
To note, the last seven days of maps (relative to this message) that Seafoot Games has released on DTRPG have not gone into the Quarantine Bundle. Is that intentional, is the quarantine bundle winding down, or is it a mistake? I am fine with any of those options, but I would like clarification.
Customer avatar
Luke S October 16, 2020 11:37 pm UTC
Hey Andrew, sorry about that, I left message as to what was going on on one of the ads but I really should have added the message to the Bundle's comment section as well, which I will do after this! So the bundle will no longer be getting any updates with additional maps, at least for now and this is because of a couple of reasons. Both the bundles price and the % off were getting very high and it was becoming hard to balance, at this time the bundle is now just under 97% off up from 95% when I first released it, I was trying to keep it closer to 95% by occasionally adding some payed maps to the bundle but over the months the bundles overall price increased to about $45. Personally I felt this was too high, as when I started the bundle was something like $38.

In addition to this, sales had been dropping for three or so weeks, with advertising making a loss. So I made the decision to forgo adding additional maps to the bundle, which would stabilize both the % off and the base price but I also reduced...See more
Customer avatar
Andrew B October 17, 2020 11:33 pm UTC
Very good. Thanks for your reply, and I will still look forward to more nice maps and other products from you.
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