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Seven Seas Battlemap Bundle - 49 Maps for Sailing Adventures [BUNDLE]

Seven Seas Battlemap Bundle - 49 Maps for Sailing Adventures [BUNDLE]


49 Sea Themed D&D Battlemaps for $11

Save time preparing for your sailor-themed D&D campaign with this Seven Seas battlemap bundle. It has 49 unique maps, making your next session more fun because of the beautiful imagery. On top of that, you’ll be ready for almost anything—whether your friends decide to loot pirate treasure or join a respectable navy fleet on their adventures!

Play in minutes after downloading these files. They’re already formatted for VTTs like Roll20 or Foundry, as well as easy one-click home printing.

Once you get this bundle, you can enjoy other hobbies or quality family time instead of making new maps!



Is the Seven Seas battlemap bundle suitable for VTTs like Roll20?

Yes! The bundle works with any VTT site or system that allows the upload of .JPEGs. We personally recommend buying Foundry VTT as one of the best applications.

What file types do the maps come as?

Each battlemap is downloaded as a few different file types. This includes a 72dpi .JPEG file for VTTs, a 300dpi .JPEG for poster printing (such as A1 or A0), and a .PDF document for home printing. The latter document has a few extra pages at the front with printing instructions, to make the process extra-easy.

Do the maps come with a grid?

Each included map in the Seven Seas battlemap bundle has two files that are gridded and suited for printing, but the additional VTT maps are not gridded (this is because online apps will add their own grid).


Maps Included in the Seven Seas Bundle

30x20 Battlemap - Blossoming Ruins
Regular price: $1.26
Blossoming Ruins A ruined fortress stands tall above these seaside cliffs. The bones of a large dragon lay forgotten below the ruins, shadowed by ferns which rustle gently in the breeze. It ...
30x20 Battlemap - Pirates Council
Regular price: $1.26
Pirates Council Beautiful waters full of colorful fish wash up against the wooden piers that mark the entrance to the arena. Crates and barrels have been stacked outside it’s door in a sma...
30x20 Battlemap - Pirate’s Secret Cove
Regular price: $1.48
Pirate’s Secret Cove Gentle waves crash against the rocky shore of the cavern filling the inner chambers with the salty scent of the sea. Stone steps that have been carved out over the age...
30x20 Battlemap - Shipwrecked Base Camp
Regular price: $1.26
Shipwrecked Base Camp A ruined fortress stands tall above these seaside cliffs, overgrown by flowers and sprawling vines. It has been turned into a base camp with hammocks and furs to sleep i...
30x20 Battlemap - Workshop Docks Battle
Regular price: $1.48
Workshop Docks Battle Stone rails have been made rumble while wooden struts and slats burn, damaged by the bombardment that has hit the port. Blood runs in the streets as guards attempt...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Adventurers Seaside Keep | Seafoot Games
Regular price: $3.02
Adventurers Seaside Keep Twin staircases lead into a small foyer, In front of you lies another staircase to the upper floor and to the right a hallway. The feasting hall holds two long tables...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - City of Saltspray
Regular price: $4.48
City of Saltspray Small wooden walkways lie in the shadows of the tall buildings that crisscross above, while the oceans waves gently lap against the piers. A small church sits quietly acros...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Remains of the Lightbringer
Regular price: $2.53
Remains of the Lightbringer The Lightbringer was the fastest ship in the fleet, and had been crafted to resemble an angelic form but the ship has seen better days. Dashed up against the rock...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Ruins of Seacliff
Regular price: $3.81
Ruins of Seacliff This town has seen better days. Most of the buildings have began to crumble, walls and roofs falling in. Moss and weeds have also overgrown the cobblestone paths and starte...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Shores of Fate
Regular price: $2.00
Shores of Fate A stone tower sits at the top of the hill. Inside an engraving of an eye has been carved into the stone floor, although some crates and a table obscure it somewhat. A spiral s...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - The Lightbringer
Regular price: $2.53
The Lightbringer The Lightbringer is the fastest ship in the fleet, and has been crafted to resemble an angelic form, a masthead with arm outstretched, a longsword in hand is the first thing...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Town of Seacliff
Regular price: $3.81
Town of Seacliff This part of town has seen better days. The tavern which was built long ago now sits at the very edge of the cliff, warmth and the scent of freshly baked goods wafting from ...
40x30 Battlemap - Blackbeard’s Trove
Regular price: $2.98
Blackbeard’s Trove Winding caverns have been carved away over the eons by white washes of waves which funnel into the depths. A stone bridge spans the small stream which now meanders ...
40x30 Battlemap - Pirate King’s Tomb
Regular price: $2.98
Pirate King’s Tomb An old stone bridge lead over the crystal clear waters and to the gates of the crypts. Large iron bound gates mark the catacombs entrance and once inside you find sm...
40x30 Battlemap - Pirate’s Gate
Regular price: $2.53
Pirate’s Gate A heavy fortification has been built into the mountainous cliff-side, the barrels of cannons protruding from small openings. Statues of beautiful angelic figures stand upon p...
30x20 Multi-Level Battlemap - Port of Kal’Kalif
Regular price: $2.00
Port of Kal’Kalif An old wooden pier leads you over the warm waters and to the castle walls, large pillars hold up a grand round dome above while below lies a small shrine. The lower porti...
Seafoot Games - Arena Prison of the Pirate King | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Arena Prison of the Pirate King The waves crash against the wooden pier jutting out from the rocky cliff wall. After ascending a wide stone staircase you finally arrive at the gates of this p...
Seafoot Games - Beach | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Beach Pale sand shines along a sunlit coast; flat, against the gently  lapping waves. Nearby, a lush forest looms; green, and fertile. In it,  you can hear the calls of b...
Seafoot Games - Dreadbeard’s Hold | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Dreadbeard’s Hold A rocky maw leads you into the small seaside cavern of Arrow’s Head. You quietly row the boat onto one of the many docks and advance up one of the rocky staircases befor...
Seafoot Games - Fisher’s Market | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Fisher’s Market When entering the market you pass over the docks and the crashing waves then continue past a small guards office that keeps an eye out for troublemakers and a statue stands ...
Seafoot Games - Fortress of the Serpent’s Pass | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Fortress of the Serpent’s Pass Built above the Serpent’s Bay, this clifftop fortress is defended by murder holes and sharpened stakes—promising death to those foolish enough to at...
Seafoot Games - Gatehouse to the Seven Seas | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Gatehouse to the Seven Seas A wooden palisade surrounds this small port and the only way into it’s walls is via the large portcullis that is built into the lower portion of the looming ston...
Seafoot Games - Haunted Lighthouse | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.50
Haunted Lighthouse A single tower stands alone on a steep and rocky island. It is a harsh environment, where in winter the ocean freezes over completely, and in summer the ice melts;...
Seafoot Games - Lighthouse Island | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.50
Lighthouse Island A single tower stands alone on a steep and rocky island. It is a harsh environment, where in winter the ocean freezes over completely, and in summer the ice melt...
Seafoot Games - Ocean Island Fortress | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $3.00
Ocean Island Fortress The sumptuous establishment of a pirate king, frequented by his underlings as they come to pay him homage. It is a mix of luxury and practical defensibilit...
Seafoot Games - Ocean Ruins | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Ocean Ruins The scent of salt, and seaweed, wafts up to your nostrils. The cries  of gulls can be heard, where they circle overhead. Back along the  shoreline are rock...
Seafoot Games - Olek’s Vault | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Olek’s Vault The oceans waves have worn down many stone coffins here, pulling them into the oceans everlasting embrace. Four statues stand upon large stone pedestals watching over the entra...
Seafoot Games - Order of the Sea’s Blade | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Order of the Sea’s Blade A small wooden pier allows access to this hidden stronghold, caressed gently by small waves that rise out of the bay. A draw bridge bars entrance to those not affil...
Seafoot Games - Pirate Cove in the Shallow Sea (40x40 Battlemap)
Regular price: $0.99
Pirate Cove in the Shallow Sea Welcome to this ancient archipelago, where the land has been hollowed out into sunlit caves by the forces of time. Filled with mystery, palm trees de...
Seafoot Games - Pirate’s Ruined Temple | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Pirate’s Ruined Temple A gravel path leads upwards passed the rolling waves of the ocean. The path curves around the hillside giving sight to an old portcullis, rusted in places, But jammed...
Seafoot Games - Pools of Rebirth | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $0.00
Pools of Rebirth Hi, I've made the Pools of rebirth and the Pools of decay free for as long as we're in quarantine, so please enjoy it and stay safe! Let your players cleanse the decaying poo...
Seafoot Games - Port of Murkmire | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $0.99
Port of Murkmire Waves lap against the wooden piers and stone bridges that cross the smaller canals, while sailors and laborers unpack cargo and fish from the vessels that have just docked. T...
Seafoot Games - Port Riverfall | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Port Riverfall Wooden piers protrude out of the cliffs base, which have been covered in many crates ready to be exported to the lands to the north. A central building houses a crane used to l...
Seafoot Games - Ruined Port of Murkmire | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $0.99
Ruined Port of Murkmire Waves lap against the wooden piers and crumbling stone bridges that cross the smaller canals. The cobblestone streets are dirty and in parts overgrown by weeds and cov...
Seafoot Games - Ruined Sea Keep Camp | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Ruined Sea Keep The salty breeze passes over you as the waves come crashing onto the shore, you find your way to a gravel path which winds it’s way around the cliffs before finally coming t...
Seafoot Games - Ruined Stronghold on the Shallow Sea (40x40 Battlemap)
Regular price: $0.99
Ruined Stronghold on the Shallow Sea This ruined stronghold juts out of the Shallow Sea in a fierce, rocky outcropping surrounded by mists which rise from the ocean. Many men and ships both ha...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Ambush | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Seaside Ambush Birds tweet and bicker among the tall redwood trees, as rabbits dart in and out of the burrows they’ve dug by the roots. A small creek meanders it’s way through the woodlan...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Boneyard | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Seaside Boneyard Waves lap against the palms, which linger close to the shore’s edge. Terrible things have happened here, for also caressed by the current are the bones of many creatur...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Hero's Tomb | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Seaside Hero's Tomb Once, a legendary hero fended off great evil from the depths below. Here lies his empty grave by the ocean’s edge—a symbolic marker of his sacrifice, for his body ...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Keep | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $4.50
Seaside Keep A seafaring peoples live by the coast, within a highly defendable keep. Complete with murder holes, a secret crypt, and underground caverns just perfect for smugglers. Wit...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Mansion | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Seaside Mansion There is a mansion built by the seaside, long abandoned after the original owner’s disappearance. It is said that, sometimes, at night, shadowy figures can be seen entering ...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Pirates Den (20x30 Battlemap)
Regular price: $1.50
Seaside Pirates Den This was once a temple to the goddesses of the sea but now functions as a hideout for pirates, smugglers and worse. A well defended bastion where they sit and count thie...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Stronghold | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Seaside Stronghold Stone towers stand high above the violent surf crashing down upon the  jagged cliffs below. Wind whistles loudly through murder holes, sendi...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Temple | 40x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Seaside Temple Traveling the seaside cliffs via a small gravel path, you finally arrive at the temple you have sought, ferns and moss cover the gravel path and the odor of sea salt wafts thro...
Seafoot Games - Seaside Trade Road | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Seaside Trade Road Birds tweet and bicker among the tall redwood trees, as rabbits dart in and out of the burrows they’ve dug by the roots. A small creek meanders it’s way through the woo...
Seafoot Games - Seaspray Stronghold | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $2.00
Seaspray Stronghold Carved stone battlements protrude out of the overhanging cliff face, as the oceans waves lap upon its rocky outcropping.  The old pier as creaky as it is still sta...
Seafoot Games - Shipwreck Beach | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
Shipwreck Beach Waves lap over partially buried rocks and floating wreckage; the remnants of countless ships, lost at sea.   Pale,  sunlit sand shines bright against the...
Seafoot Games - Shrine of the Kraken Lord | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.01
Shrine of the Kraken Lord Rough waves rise and fall against the cliffs of this ancient shrine. Murder holes have been carved from the rocky cliffs and a series of stone staircases lead you de...
Seafoot Games - The Altar (Seaside) | 20x30 Battlemap
Regular price: $1.50
The Altar (Seaside) A beautiful ocean, crossed here and there by isles with wooden bridges. At its heart lies a sacrificial altar, a place of great evil—or so some would have you think... ...

Total value: $91.95
Special bundle price: $11.01
Savings of: $80.94 (88%)

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